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b honey is an international supplier of the most natural, health-giving Manuka honey in the world, so rare and special it can only be released in small, single source, limited edition vintages allowing tractability of each jar right back to the hive.

We designed and created this new brand from the ground up. Sourcing raw ingredients and materials, product package branding,  end-to-end supply chain creation, MPI certification, RMP compliance and the creation of international sales channels - as well as creating the digital brand and associated properties.


Summer Dreaming

A truly New Zealand design inspired by our outdoor lifestyle, the iLO range is made for lounging in comfort deck side, poolside and seaside.

We have combined a love for the outdoors with a passion for good design and created a modular furniture range with the flexibility we’ve always wanted in outdoor seating, but never found.

​We designed, prototyped and production built the I Love Original outdoor range of furniture as well as created the digital brand and associated properties.


search new zealand | support new zealand is on a mission to help New Zealand recover and thrive during the crisis of COVID-19.


New Zealand businesses need support right now, and many of us are doing our best to buy local. However, when we shop online, we're not just searching for businesses within NZ, we’re searching and therefore shopping across the whole world.


The vision for is to provide a New Zealand focused search engine which helps promote truly NZ based and owned businesses and gives back to the local economy. We're almost there, but we'll need some help from you.

Join us by making your NEW search engine.

some of our digital properties

let the good times roll

Roll up, roll up. The fair is here. Pop your way through 60 levels of fairground attractions in this epic game of popping balloons.

Venture deep inside the beautiful hidden world of Japanese Geisha and discover mysterious secrets, ancient arts and heart-breaking love.

Runaway with the Circus features sumptuous illustrations which perfectly capture the elegance and character of the 1930’s.

Music games have never before been available to independent artists because everything’s owned by the big labels - Until now.


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